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aGraphismes:L'influence de l'art brut avec Dubuffet sert de base a un patchawork moderne:rayures,decoupages type camouflage,formes 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWe hand in the homework in the 我们在家庭作业在递 [translate] 
aOkawari Okawari [translate] 
aHappy Valentine's Day! 愉快的情人节! [translate] 
aI have not given much thought how I would die . but dying in place of someone who I love seems a good way to go! 我未想一想怎么我会死。 但死在我爱的人位置似乎一个好方式去! [translate] 
a产地 Habitat [translate] 
a不要复制给我看 Do not duplicate to me looked [translate] 
anot more need fee 不是更多需要费 [translate] 
ainner edges of floor borders of defined lines shall be keep straight and any cutting or irregular wall lines shall be along outer edges. 被定义的线地板边界内在边缘将是保留直接,并且所有切口或不规则的墙壁线将是沿外面边缘。 [translate] 
a我心里早有准备 In my heart has the preparation early [translate] 
a迎新志愿者 Welcomes a newcomer the volunteer [translate] 
awhat dose he have 什么药量他有 [translate] 
aI mean deserve 我意味该当 [translate] 
aMinimum attenuation at 1090 MHz 极小的衰减在1090兆赫 [translate] 
a对你,我根本没有信任可言。因为你根本没做一件值得让人相信的事。 To you, I simply do not have the trust to be possible to say.Because you simply have not made one to be worth the matter which lets the human believe. [translate] 
a感谢春秋航空给我展现自我的平台 Thanks the Spring and Autumn Period aviation to unfold the self-platform for me [translate] 
ain southwestern Sinai, Egypt 在西南西奈,埃及 [translate] 
akeep a postive attuitude about English 保留一postive attuitude关于英语 [translate] 
a请查看邮件 Please examine the mail [translate] 
aIch wei nicht warum mein Herz ist sehr müde I白色没有为什么我的心脏非常疲乏 [translate] 
aYesterday I belly pain, 昨天我鼓起痛苦, [translate] 
a我非常感谢你给我的帮助 I thank you to give my help extremely [translate] 
a你现在做什么 You make any now [translate] 
aSomethings can be said clearly face to face Somethings可以清楚地面对面说 [translate] 
afor the newspaper 为报纸 [translate] 
a如果你将课堂上和课外的知识联系起来,你将会学得更好。 If you relate the classroom in and the extracurricular knowledge, you will be able to study well. [translate] 
a误吸发生率降低, (P Attracts the formation rate to reduce by mistake, (P [translate] 
aAll the splendor 1 in the world is not worth a good friend 所有辉煌1在世界不值一个好朋友 [translate] 
a观看录像 Onlooking video recording [translate] 
alistening for key words 细听关键词 [translate] 
aGeneral Yang 杨将军 [translate] 
a我发觉自己对英语口语有着浓厚的兴趣 I detected oneself has the strong interest to English spoken language [translate] 
a这边只限英语交流 Here only limits English exchange [translate] 
a粗心大意 Careless [translate] 
a我怕我说错 I feared I speak incorrectly [translate] 
a我喜欢物理 因为它很有趣 I like physics because it is very interesting [translate] 
a我相信经过我的努力和老师的帮助 I believed passes through I diligently with teacher's help [translate] 
a大家好 我叫陈长军 今年15岁 现在在印江二中高一《5》班 我的家乡是 刀坝的 我的 兴趣爱好 是 打球 希望我们相处愉快! Everybody is good my to name be Chen Changjun this year 15 years old now in the yinjiang in two high one "5" the class My hometown is the knife dam my interest hobby is plays a ball game hoped we are together happily! [translate] 
a通过回答说“我没有那么优秀”来表现自己的谦虚 Through the reply said “I that outstanding” have not displayed own modesty [translate] 
a济贫院 Helps the poor the courtyard [translate] 
a我们将去野炊下星期六 We will go to camp cooking next Saturday [translate] 
a我一般周末上班,周一到周五有休息两天 My general weekend goes to work, has Monday through Friday rests two days [translate] 
amosecurity mosecurity [translate] 
a- Baby i know you do not love me any more -我知道的小您不再爱我 [translate] 
acola float 可乐浮游物 [translate] 
a祝您生日快乐!请别再为我了,为自己好吗? Wishes your birthday to be joyful! Please anymore did not be I, was oneself? [translate] 
a你读过几次 You have read several times [translate] 
aballons 气球 [translate] 
a他們一般都隱藏自己的身份,這樣他們才可以更好獲得情報 They all hide own generally status, like this they only then may better obtain the information [translate] 
a乘坐公交车 Rides the public transportation [translate] 
amain discoveries 主要发现 [translate] 
aWhy not... he's not using it. 为什么没有… 他不使用它。 [translate] 
aMy hobby plating chess 我的爱好镀层棋 [translate] 
a莎莉过得愉快。因为她 dia 一些有趣的事情 Sha Li crosses happily.Because of her dia some interesting matters [translate] 
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