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  Hero/AlternateNameSearchText/Varian=瓦里安 /// Varian

  Hero/Description/Varian=全能型英雄,可以根据队伍需求,扮演近战战斗型或刺杀型英雄。 /// An extremely versatile Multi-class Hero that can function as a melee Warrior or Assassin, adapting himself to the needs of his team.

  Hero/Info/Varian=很少有人会想到,被称为洛戈什的角斗士就是失踪多年的暴风城统治者瓦里安·乌瑞恩。现在,作为联盟的至高王,他的一举一动都牵动着艾泽拉斯的命运。 /// Few would have expected that the gladiator known only as Lo'Gosh was in truth the missing ruler of Stormwind, Varian Wrynn. Now the High King of the Alliance, his every action shapes the destiny of Azeroth itself.

  Skin/Info/VarianLogosh=这位被称为洛戈什的角斗士在杜隆塔尔的海岸边醒来后,他就成了深红之环竞技场的明星。传言,他战斗的样子就像幽灵狼附身。 /// After awakening on the shores of Durotar, the gladiator known as Lo'Gosh became a star of the Crimson Ring Arena. Rumor has it that he fights with the fury of the Ghost Wolf himself.

  Skin/Info/VarianUltimate=雄狮一直都是暴风城王国和乌瑞恩家族的象征。它代表勇气、尊严和勇武,完全符合至高王的形象。 /// The Lion has long been associated with the nation of Stormwind and the House of Wrynn. It is a symbol of courage, dignity and ferocity; truly befitting for the High King.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed00=你的国王听着呢。 /// Your king listens.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed01=暴风城国王的血脉恢复了。 /// The line of Stormwind's kings is restored.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed02=这条腰带曾经属于艾泽拉斯的雄狮安度因·洛萨。时至今日,他的精神依旧指引着我们。 /// This belt was once belonged to Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth. His spirit still guides us to this day.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed03=时空枢纽吸引了许多来自各个世界的强者……但目的是什么?如果这一切只是暴风雨前的宁静呢? /// The Nexus has gathered powerful heroes from many worlds... but for what purpose? What if this is just the calm before the storm?

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed04=你们知道么,我现在还是会偶尔看看3对3竞技场战斗。战士、盗贼和德鲁伊是我最喜欢的组合,但是我得承认,我的看法有点主观。 /// You know, I still watch three v. three arena fights from time to time. Warrior, rogue, and druid teams are my favorite, but I'll admit, I'm a little biased.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed05=战士所有的强力技能都没有姿态限制。安威玛尔肯定会妒忌的。 /// All the great warrior abilities, none of the stance restrictions. Anvilmar would be jealous.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed06=狂怒、武器和防护。每个专精在战场上都有各自的用处,关键还是在合适的时候选择合适的专精。 /// Fury, Arms, and Protection. Each has its use on the battlefield, the key is choosing the right one, at the right time.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed07=人们一直想知道我是如何学会控怒的……但秘密是,我一直都很生气。 /// People wonder how I learned how to quell my rage... But the secret is, I'm always angry.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed08=奥妮克希亚的头似乎已经在暴风城门口挂了好几百万次了……但还是不够。 /// It seems like I've seen Onyxia's head hang from the gates of Stormwind a million times... Still not enough.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed09=我想看到暴风城花园被修好的那一天,在那里我很容易静下心来。 /// Someday I hope to see Stormwind's park restored. It was always a... calming place for me.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed10=哦我刚想到一个安度因肯定会喜欢的笑话!一个不肯和你分享森林的豺狼人叫做什么?霍格啊!他肯定会喜欢的! /// Oh, I just thought of the perfect joke to tell Anduin! What do you call a gnoll that won't share his forest? A hogger! Oh, he's going to love it!

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed11=嗯,我对这些天赋还不太确定……我该怎么洗天赋呢?呃,为什么你需要洗天赋的时候,身边总是找不到一个职业训练师呢? /// Hmm. I'm not sure about these talents... How do I respec? Ugh, why is there never a class trainer around when you need one?

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed12=还有人想听吗?饥饿如狼?没有吗?好吧,那格雷迈恩呢?他肯定还想听! /// Is anyone else hungry? Like a wolf? No? Well, what about Greymane? He HAS to be!

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed13=安度因有一次叫我玩《炉石传说》……这游戏有点太“奇葩”了吧,居然允许加尔鲁什给我下命令?真是扯淡! /// Anduin got me to play Hearthstone once... it was a bit "fantastic" for my tastes. What kind of game allows Garrosh to order ME around? It's absurd!

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed14=永远不要相信普瑞斯托家的人,永远。他们全是龙……相信我。 /// Never take advice from someone named Prestor, ever. They're always a dragon... Trust me.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Pissed15=你还在点鼠标?刚刚那些笑话还不够吗?你还不满意吗?!呃,抱歉,我有时候会犯以前当角斗士时候的职业病。 /// Are you still clicking? Was that not enough jokes? Were you not entertained!?! Sorry, uh... sometimes my gladiator past gets the best of me.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Social_WellPlayed00=哈,还不错。 /// Hah. Impressive.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Social_WellPlayed01=打得好! /// Well fought!

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/Ultimate1Used03=不准喝药! /// No potions!

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroQuestion_Alliance00=看到联盟如此威风,那我就放心了。 /// It's good to see the Alliance is well represented.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroQuestion_Greymane00=格雷迈恩,我希望你还没有老到无法狩猎。 /// Greymane, I hope you're not getting too old for the hunt.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroQuestion_Horde00=部落,那好吧。 /// The Horde. Of course.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroQuestion_Jaina00=团结起来,互相信任,我们的敌人就会倒下。 /// Stand together, trust each other and our enemy will break.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroQuestion_Murky00=一个鱼人?难道时空枢纽也逃不过你们的魔掌吗?/// A murloc? Is not even the Nexus safe from your vile kind?

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroQuestion_Rehgar00=(playful ribbing)我听说你成为了一个可敬的萨满,雷加尔。 /// (playful ribbing)I hear you've become a respectable shaman, Rehgar.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroQuestion_Thrall00=大酋长萨尔……自从你卸任之后,发生了很多事情。 /// Warchief Thrall... much has changed since your time.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroQuestion_Tyrande00=让敌人先犯错,泰兰德。 /// Let our enemy make the first mistake, Tyrande.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroResponse_Alliance00=荣耀属于联盟! /// Glory to the Alliance!

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroResponse_Greymane00=继续前进,我的朋友。 /// Lead on, my friend.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroResponse_Horde00=我们有一个共同的敌人,别忘了。 /// We share an enemy. Try not to forget it.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroResponse_Jaina00=我和以前一样感谢你的指引,吉安娜女士。 /// As always, I appreciate your guidance, Lady Jaina.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroResponse_Murky00=哦当然,现在是挺可爱的。但我知道等你长大了会变成什么样。 /// Oh sure, that's cute now. But I know what happens when you grow up.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroResponse_Rehgar00=奢华的生活?你是在说我吗? /// Life of luxury? Are you talking about me?

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroResponse_Thrall00=只有敌人才会尝到我的怒火,而我决不食言。 /// Only my enemies shall know my rage and I intend to keep that promise.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroResponse_Tyrande00=(with a smile)我也一样,高阶女祭司。 /// (with a smile)Likewise, High Priestess.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/IntroResponse_Uther00=哦,你就承认吧!你是故意的。 /// Oh, admit it! You did that on purpose.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/KillAlliance00=安息吧,联盟的守护者。 /// Rest well, defender of the Alliance.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/KillArthas00=你背叛了联盟,你背叛了一切,阿尔萨斯。 /// You betrayed the Alliance. You betrayed everything, Arthas.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/KillEvilOrc00=告诉你的恶魔主子,我来了。 /// Tell your demon masters I'm coming for them. (大概包括狗蛋?有人试试吗?

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/KillGreymane00=原谅我,吉恩。你的下场不该如此。 /// Forgive me, Genn. You deserved better.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/KillHorde00=这就是对抗联盟的下场。 /// Stand against the Alliance, and know ruin.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/KillJaina00=吉安娜……原谅我。 /// Jaina... Forgive me.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/KillOrc00=胜利属于我,兽人,死亡才属于你。 /// The victory is mine, orc. The death is yours.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/KillRehgar00=你的荣耀已经是过去时了,雷加尔。 /// Your glory days are behind you, Rehgar.

  VoiceOver/VarianBase/KillThrall00=前角斗士向另一角斗士致敬。 /// From one former gladiator to another, I salute you.


  VoiceOver/Barbarian/KillVarian00=我更喜欢那个叫洛戈什的你。 /// I liked you better as Lo'Gosh.

  VoiceOver/JainaBase/IntroQuestion_Varian00=我的魔法为您效命,国王。 /// My magic is at your service, my liege.

  VoiceOver/JainaBase/IntroResponse_Varian00=那才是我认识的国王! /// Now that's the king I remember!

  VoiceOver/JainaBase/KillVarian00=你为什么就不听我的呢? /// Why won't you ever listen to me?

  VoiceOver/RehgarBase/IntroQuestion_Varian00=瞧瞧你,鳄鱼饵国王!希望宫殿里的生活没让你变弱。 /// Look at you, King Croc-bait! I hope a life of luxury hasn't made you soft.

  VoiceOver/RehgarBase/IntroResponse_Varian00=时间会改变很多东西,鳄鱼饵。我也不例外。 /// Time changes many things, croc-bait. I am no exception.

  VoiceOver/RehgarBase/KillVarian00=哈!想法不错,鳄鱼饵! /// Ha! Nice try, croc-bait!

  VoiceOver/ThrallBase/IntroQuestion_Varian00=瓦里安,我希望你的脾气不会拖累我们。 /// Varian, I hope that temper of yours won't be a liability.

  VoiceOver/ThrallBase/IntroResponse_Varian00=说得轻巧,但做起来难。 /// Easily said, but NOT easily proven.

  VoiceOver/ThrallBase/KillVarian00=我本以为伟大的洛戈什会是个强大的对手。 /// I expected more from the great Lo'Gosh.

  VoiceOver/Uther/IntroQuestion_Varian00=瓦里安,我上次见到你的时候,你还是个小毛孩。 /// Varian, the last time I saw you, you were still a pup!

  VoiceOver/Uther/IntroResponse_Varian00=为了联盟! /// For the Alliance!



  Mount/Info/MountSpeederBikeOni=“出水”型悬浮摩托的燃料电池在加入内酚酞后的表现无可匹敌。而经过全面改装的“大蛇”型悬浮摩托则是岛田家精英的座驾。 /// The fuel cell injected endorphin inducing performance of the Izumi Hovercycle is without competition. The highly customized Orochi variant once saw use among the Shimada clan elite.

  Mount/Name/MountSpeederBikeOni=“大蛇”悬浮摩托 /// Orochi Hovercycle

  Skin/Info/MalfurionFlame=管理者怒风几乎立刻感受到了变化。虽然只是一个小小的火花,但足以表明他的魔法已经生效。炎魔之王来临时,整个时空枢纽都将熊熊燃烧。 /// Majordomo Stormrage felt the change instantly. Though only a small spark, it was enough to signify his incantations had finally broken through. When the Firelord arrived, the Nexus would burn.

  Skin/Info/WitchDoctorWinter=快跑啊,小女孩,快跑!没人能躲得过姜饼怪人。 /// Run, run, run... as fast as you can! No one escapes from the Gingerdread Man.





  壁纸 栏杆不知何处去,火山依旧笑……立冬都过了!

  大蛇 摩的 摩托配色



  DocInfo/HowToPlayAdditionalInfo00=诺娃的狙击技能立即杀死敌人 /// Nova's Snipe ability kills instantly

  DocInfo/HowToPlayAdditionalInfoHeaderTitle=更多信息 /// Additional Info

  DocInfo/HowToPlayHeroSelectionType00=现在谁才是幽灵?每个人都是。 /// Now who's a ghost? Everyone, that's who.

  DocInfo/HowToPlayHeroSelectionTypeHeaderTitle=所有人都是诺娃 /// Everyone is Nova

  DocInfo/HowToPlayMapMechanic00=击杀英雄会对核心造成1点伤害 /// Takedowns deal 1 damage to the Core

  DocInfo/HowToPlayMapMechanicHeaderTitle=一枪,一个 /// One Kill, One Shot

  DocInfo/HowToPlayMapObjective00=英雄的攻击无法对敌方核心造成伤害 /// The enemy's Core is protected from Hero attacks

  DocInfo/HowToPlayMapObjectiveHeaderTitle=被保护的核心 /// Protected Core

  DocInfo/HowToPlaySummary00=幽灵最危险的敌人就是她自己。击杀敌方诺娃来摧毁核心。 /// A ghost's most dangerous opponent is herself. Kill enemy Novas to destroy the Core.

  DocInfo/HowToPlaySummaryHeaderTitle=幽灵协议 /// Ghost Protocol




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